The iPad Mini winner has been chosen!!!!


photoAmanda Crider has been chosen as the winner of the iPad Mini that has been sponsored by the Kentucky Select Chevy Dealers!!!

Congratulations to Amanda who will get to meet Terry Johnson, the Executive Director of the Bluegrass State Games and the Bluegrass Sports Commission! She will also receive a free Chevy t-shirt and a free Bluegrass State Games t-shirt as well as the iPad Mini. 


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Good Sports!

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Check out this article by the Kentucky Monthly about the history of the Bluegrass State Games! View the article here!

30th Annual Bluegrass State Games Opening Registration

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30th Annual Bluegrass State Games Opening Registration

30th LogoIn 1985 the Bluegrass State Games were originated in Lexington and today the games are better than ever.  On May 1st, the BGSG will be opening registration for the upcoming summer events.  Many people have supported this prestigious event over the years, as the Games continue to grow.  Be on the lookout as the games will kick off before you know it! For more information about the many sporting events CLICK HERE.

BGSG & Hotels Partnership

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BGSG & Hotels Partnership

The Bluegrass State Games has a new and easy way for all our participants to get competitive bids from area hotels and help support the Games, as well, by taking advantage of the BGSG Housing Bureau. The BGSG and central Kentucky hotels are now working together to give our participants the best rates and easiest way to access dedicated BGSG contacts at each property for questions and soccer momdetails.

All you have to do is click on the red “Request Rates” buttons throughout the website, fill out a simple form and click “Submit.” That’s all you have to do and several quotes will be e-mailed to you from a dedicated contact at each participating property. You do not have to provide a phone number, only an e-mail address. No more calling the front desk and dealing with several different people. Now you can call and speak with a specific person at each property that understand the BGSG event and your group’s needs.

If you interested in specific properties, we also provide an easy dedicated link to the contact at each hotel.

In addition, by staying with a BGSG hotel, you will also be supporting the efforts of the BGSG. Participating hotels are donating a portion of every room night to help us stage the Games and keep registration fees as low as possible.

Easy to use. Competitive rates. Dedicated hotel contact. Supports the Games.



Follow BGSG on Instagram

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Follow BGSG on Instagram

This summer, participants and spectators can share their Bluegrass State Games experiences with us on Instagram @bgstategames.  Make sure to include us on your posts and be on the lookout for special promotions and chances to win this summer.

Come on. Play.

BGSG Highlight Video brought to you by PrepSpin: 8U Baseball and High School Soccer

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BGSG Highlight Video brought to you by PrepSpin: 8U Baseball and High School Soccer

The link below will direct you to a highlight video of two of this past weekends events (7/26-7/28). Big thanks to William Warfield, Founder and Producer of PrepSpin, and his crew for creating this awesome video! Also, don’t forget to check out their new website,

Brought to you by PrepSpin: BGSG Highlight

Thank you Jack Valenti!!

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Thank you Jack Valenti!!

tennis-imageJack Valenti is an integral part of the Bluegrass State Games (BGSG). Jack has been the sports commissioner for tennis for around eleven years.

The tennis portion of the games took place the weekend of July 12-14. The event was a huge success with over 140 participants. Jack made sure that the event ran smoothly throughout the entire weekend. His hard work, however, was not limited to the courts.

For the weeks leading up to the event, Jack was in and out of the BGSG office checking on registration, perfecting brackets and tending to every detail. Jack went out of his way to make sure that tennis was a success, and for that, we at BGSG would like to extend a huge thank you for everything that he has done; this year and for the past 10 years.

Bluegrass State Games Adds 10K Race to Annual 5K Event

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Bluegrass State Games Adds 10K Race to Annual 5K Event




Terry Johnson, Executive Director

(859) 258-3040


Cassie Schacht, Coordinator




LEXINGTON, KY, June 11, 2013 – The Bluegrass State Games has found a way to stand out among the slew of 5K runs that occur during the summer by adding a 10K run to their annual 5K event.


For the past 16 years, the Bluegrass State Games have included a 5K run every year. With running becoming more popular, their 5K was blending in to the crowd of the hundreds of other 5Ks that are hosted in Lexington throughout the summer months. In order to stand out and provide an additional experience to the participants the 10K was added.


The 10K/5K will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2013 with registration kicking off at 6:30am and lasting until the start at 8:00am. The course is laid out at the beautiful, scenic walking trail on the RJ Corman property in Nicholasville.


The cost for entering is $25 unless you register on site in which it is $30. All ages are welcome as well as both walkers and runners.


Registration and detailed information about the 10K/5K or other sports is online at For more information contact Frank Miklavcic at (502) 320-2264 or Cassie Schacht at

Lexington Commons Discusses Bluegrass State Games

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Lexington Commons Discusses Bluegrass State Games

The Bluegrass State Games

By: Kasey Green
Lexington Commons

The Bluegrass State Games was founded in 1985 by Governor Martha Layne Collins and has been going strong ever since. Their sole mission is to “promote amateur athletics across the Commonwealth.” I can remember when I played soccer in high school, we would go to the games every year and whether we won or lost, it was always a blast to just be there. The games were always an important stop on our game schedule and everyone looked forward to the trip to Lexington.

So, what do the games do for Lexington and how does it benefit the community you might ask? First and foremost, you have to think of it as a tourism gig, like the equestrian games. It brings in multitudes of families from across the state into Lexington. Therefore, all of the hotels, restaurants, malls, and other businesses are benefiting greatly from the “tourism” aspect of the games. Overall, it’s bringing in business and profits to the Lexington area.

So think of it this way: the Bluegrass State Games is a non-profit organization, so they don’t gain any profit from their program, but they do generate a profit for the community as a whole. Say you’re a family with a child participating in the games. There are many factors that generate profit in this situation. For starters, the schools will more than likely provide a hotel room for the child (this is the first profit that BGSG has created for the community). You are that child’s parents so you in turn would like to go and watch your child play, so now you too have to purchase a hotel room (profit number 2). With all of these people coming into town, the hotels can also raise their rates to generate a greater profit. Now, these families and their children have to eat and if they are anything like my family, they treat it as a vacation and go to a sit down restaurant as opposed to fast food (profit number 3). There’s also a good chance that many families will visit the mall while in town too (possible profit number 4). And finally, whatever is bought at the games is the final profit. In many ways, BGSG promotes business and tourism within the city generating more revenue for the city itself.

Overall, I don’t know any statistics or numbers for proof that BGSG does amazing things for the city of Lexington, but it is apparent when you are out and about on the weekend of the games. The mall is packed, restaurants are packed, you couldn’t get a hotel room if you tried, and you’ll see more than your fair share of school children from elementary to high school running around in uniform. There is much to be said for what the games do for this community that we don’t even realize. So, check your schedules for the next games and try to attend some, they’re more than just fun.


Finley and Oswald Win 2013 BGSG Fishing

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Finley and Oswald Win 2013 BGSG Fishing

The Student Angler Federation, SAF kicked off the first high school event of the season Sunday afternoon at the Murray State Open. The event was held on Kentucky Reservoir in Benton, Ky. In total, 57 teams from five different states competed on the legendary waterway, battling not only the fish but also the bitter cold with temperatures in the twenties.

A week before the MSU event, which also served as the Kentucky SAF State Championship, Reid Finley from the Calloway County Bass Fishing Team was still looking for a partner. Nearly 640 miles away, Brandon Oswald, was looking for a place to fish. Oswald stumbled on to, and through the efforts of TBF and FLW the unusual teammates were paired. The rest is history as the two totaled 25 lbs. 3 oz. to win the Murray State Open and $2,000 scholarships to Murray State.

The famous Alabama Rig proved its weight in gold for the pair as they threw the multi-bait rig to win the first state championship of the SAF season.

“We moved around a few times and we would find a few fish in each spot,” Finley said. “It was just a terrific day of fishing; I can hardly stop shaking!” It was questioned whether or not he was shaking from the excitement or the weather, laughing, Finley said it was a little of both.

“We don’t have bodies of water like this in Wisconsin,” Oswald stated. “I usually fish rivers, so this was a great experience.” Oswald’s family traveled 10 hours for a chance to fish the open. “My arm is going to be sore tomorrow; we threw the rig all day long.”

The highest finishing team from Kentucky, Austin Mourad and Micah Chessor, caught a limit of bass tipping the scales at 21 lbs 4 ounces to edge out Bracken Robertson and Dillon Starks of Calloway High School for Kentucky state bragging rights.

The battle for third for the Kentucky SAF Championship was settled by a tie-breaker. Tyler Schanbacher and Jesse Vaught from Calloway High School, and Colton Smith and Brenton Clemons of Southwestern High School, both had a 20lb 1ounce sack.

The teams tied for third through the initial weight and the next two tie breakers. Finally, the tie was broken by the team who registration for first, which was the team of Schanbacher and Vaught.

Wildcat Wearhouse Named Sponsor of BGSG

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Wildcat Wearhouse Named Sponsor of BGSG

LEXINGTON – The Bluegrass Sports Commission (BSC) today announced it has signed an agreement with Wildcat Wearhouse to become the “Official Retail Clothing Sponsor of the Bluegrass State Games,” the signature event of the BSC.

“Wildcat Wearhouse is excited to be a part of the Bluegrass State Games,” said Wildcat Wearhouse President Matt Hoetker. “The history and mission of the event matches up well with our corporate philosophy of being involved in our communities.”

As part of the agreement, Wildcat Wearhouse will screen print t-shirts for the more than 16,000 participants, staff, officials and volunteers of the Games. The shirts will again be provided by another Kentucky company and Games’ sponsor, Fruit of the Loom.

“We are thrilled to have Wildcat Wearhouse as a sponsor,” said Terry Johnson, Executive Director of the BSC. “They are a terrific retail partner and we are very appreciative that they saw the Games as a good fit for their company.”

The Bluegrass State Games is a great way to stay active this summer and compete for medals against people from all over the state. The Games started in 1984 under then-Governor Martha Layne Collins and have continued to grow ever since. For more information or to register, call 859-255-0336 or visit

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